Spray booth:

This is a self contained room purely for respraying your vehicle. Fan assisted filtered air maintained at a regulated temperature, ensures a clean top quality paint finish. Temperatures of up to 80 degrees centigrade are used to bake and cure the paint for a tough durable finish.

Paint mixing scheme:

PPG paint is mixed on site to match your vehicles unique colour. PPG is a premier paint company used by many car manufacturers on the production line. This ensures a superb colour match and a long lasting gloss finish.

Chassis alignment jig:

An autorobot jig and measuring system will straighten heavy impact damage to your vehicle structure by reversing the forces of the collision. With up to 10 tons of pulling power the strongest chassis members can be realigned. Using the measuring beams and gantry your vehicle can be returned accurately to the manufacturers specification.

4 Wheel alignment:

A pencil beam of light is reflected between all four wheels. This is accurate to within 0.5mm, allowing our technician to check and adjust tracking, camber, castor and kpi to obtain optimum road holding and even tyre wear.

Infra red lamp:

This is used for reforming plasitic components and for high temperature curing of materials.


Most modern cars have galvanized panels. Specialized polyester products for good adhesion is essential for long-lasting repairs.

Computerised paint mixing scheme:

PPG paint is mixed on site to match your vehicles unique colour, a formulation is obtained from the special colour code attached to your car. PPG is premier paint company with 75 years of experience developing automotive coatings. PPG products meet the most demanding requirements for gloss, durability and colour accuracy. Today, two out of every three cars made in Europe and North America use PPG technology and products.


Pulsed spot welding and MIG welding is carried out to a high standard of workmanship, using factory approved methods to protect structural integrity. If you have an older vehicle requiring chassis welding or structural box section. Re-fabricating and welding to comply with MOT standards, we can provide this service.

Plastic Repair

Most plastics can be welded and reformed prior to repair and respraying by our experienced trained technicians.

Machine Polishing

For minor paint blemishes and scratches, or to restore colour that has weathered and faded – machine polishing can be an economical solution in some cases.

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Replacement can be very costly; we can refurbish your alloy wheels after removing tyres for a top quality job.

Door mirrors and trims

Many door mirrors are colour coded; it’s a common problem in our narrow streets for these to be damaged. Covers for mirrors may be available separately and can be replaced and painted for as little as £59.

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